Buryat State University received a delegation of the Korean Cultural Center at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Moscow


From 06/02/22 to 06/04/22 Buryat State University received a delegation of the Korean Cultural Center at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Moscow under the leadership of the Director of the Center, Ms. Wee Myung Jae.

The Korean Cultural Center was founded under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of the Republic of Korea on September 8, 2006. Its main mission is to spread Korean culture and language in Russia. According to the director of the Center, Wee Myung Jae, the Center's activities are aimed at holding events that serve to familiarizing and presenting ​​the traditional and modern culture of Korea through exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, competitions, master classes.

A rich two-day program included a reception with the rector of the Buryat State University, a culinary master class for students and teachers of the Oriental Institute, the Institute of King Sejong, visit of the BSU scientific library, departure to Lake Baikal.

At a meeting with the leadership of the university, the main areas of cooperation were discussed. As part of its mission, the Center for Korean Culture is ready to assist the King's Institute Sejong BSU in holding cultural and language events.

Russia and Korea have long-standing cultural and historical ties. According to the rector A.V. Damdinov, one of the aspects of the international policy of the university is the strengthening and expansion of international relations with Korea. And, despite the objective circumstances of recent years, the university continues to cooperate with Korean educational and other institutions. It should be noted that even during the pandemic, when the borders with many states were closed, BSU students continued their language internships at Korean partner universities.

Director of Oriental Institute Vladimir A. Rodionov and Director of the Institute King Sejong Innokentiy G. Aktamov expressed their gratitude for the assistance of the Center in the further development of the Institute, increasing the number of language internships, holding joint events, and also noted the significant nature of the visit of the Directorate of the Center.

A.V. Damdinov proposed to create a single platform at BSU for representatives of the Institutes King Sejong from all over the world and hold a forum to exchange experiences and discuss the prospects for joint activities.

Ms. Wee Myung Jae thanked the university administration, teachers and students for the warm welcome and good organization.

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