International Relations Department

From the history of the International Relations Department (IRD):

The International Relations Department of BSU was established in 1993 with the aim of promoting mutually beneficial relations in education and science with various educational, scientific and commercial institutions from other countries.

1993 - the IRD began cooperation with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). 1994 - the university established ties with the Pedagogical University of Inner Mongolia (PRC). 1996 - cooperation with Liaoning University (PRC) and "Siberia + Switzerland" Society began. 1997 - BSU established strong ties with the Jilin Institute of Russian language (PRC) and the Mongolian State Teacher Training University (now - the Mongolian State University of Education). 1998 - cooperation between BSU and Mongolian State University, Goethe Institute (Germany), University of Kassel (Germany), and 1999 - cooperation with the Mongolian Law Institute "Ikh Zasag" began. 2001 - University of Inner Mongolia (PRC), Mongolian State Medical University, Institute of German Studies at the University of Vienna (Austria) became BSU's partners. 2003 - Yamagata University of Japan, as well as the Institute of German Studies at the Ruhr University (Germany) joined the circle of BSU's partners. 2004 - the beginning of fruitful cooperation with the University of Mongolian Naadam (Republic of Korea). 2005 - cooperation agreements were concluded with the Korean universities of Gangwon and Suncheon. 2006 - President of Mongolia N. Enkhbayar paid a visit to BSU. 2007 - the Confucius Institute at BSU was opened.

Since 2006 the following establishments and institutions have become BSU's partners: "Monos" Mongolian Medical Institute of Traditional Medicine and Pharmacy, Qiqihar University (China), Swiss Business School of Hotel and Tourism Management, Youth Exchange Foundation Switzerland-CIS, Orkhon Branch of Mongolian State University, Embassy of France, Consulate of the Republic of Poland, Qingdao Institute of Technology, Laval University, XI'an University of Foreign Languages, etc.

The main activities of the IRD:

  • prioritizing in cooperation areas, long-term planning of the University's international relations, search for and selection of partners for the University to establish contacts with, development of joint plans and activity programs;
  • measures aimed at achieving the strategic goals of the University in the field of international cooperation, development of the University's comprehensive and targeted international activities programs;
  • positioning of Buryat State University as an international scientific and educational center, promotion of the university and its regional and global competitiveness;
  • admission assistance to foreign students, trainees, postgraduates, registry and registration of foreign citizens at BSU;
  • consideration of incoming correspondence on international interuniversity cooperation issues;
  • maintenance of business contacts with educational and scientific institutions in foreign countries concerning establishment and development of effective mutually beneficial partnerships;
  • negotiations on cooperation with foreign partners;
  • organization of student and faculty academic exchange.

The main results of the IRD:

Due to the extensive cooperation with multiple foreign universities, the mobility of BSU students and professors is increasing. BSU students have the opportunity to participate in international events held by partner universities: summer schools, conferences, seminars, study tours, etc. BSU hosts lectures and master classes by international professors. Undergraduate students, as well as graduates and postgraduates, successfully participate in competitions and win grants and scholarships for academic programmes and further education courses - graduate and postgraduate - abroad.

The University provides education to international students from China, Republic of Korea, Mongolia, Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, Finland, Turkey, Poland, Cambodia, Philippines, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, etc. Currently, the University has more than 200 international students from 14 countries.

International Relations Department is a subdivision of Buryat State University. The Department performs the full range of organizational and technical activities for establishing and developing international relations and cooperation with foreign partners.

The staff is always willing to provide international students with any information or advice on all sorts of problems they can encounter during their stay in Ulan-Ude. Our contact phones and e-mails are listed below.

The Management and the staff

Elena Kaurova

Head of International Relations Department
7 (3012) 297-160 доб. 130

Lead officers:

- Natalia Banzaraktsaeva

- Tsyndyma Budaeva

Tel.: (3012) 21-18-64

Address: office 0203, 24a Smolina street, Ulan-Ude 670000, Republic of Buryatia, Russia