Administration of the University


Nikolai I. Moshkin, Doctor in Engineering, Professor. Phone +7 (3012) 297-170, e-mail:


Nikolai I. Moshkin was born January 2, 1973 in Ulan-Ude. He completed high school in 1990. From 1990 to 1995, he was a student of East Siberian Technological Institute and was majoring in “Automobiles and Automobile Maintenance Facilities”. Nikolai graduated from the Institute with the degree in Mechanical Engineering.

In 1995 he got a position of an assistant lecturer at the Automobiles Department of East Siberian Technological Institute. In 1998 he received his Candidate’s Degree in Engineering from Irkutsk State Agricultural Academy. In 2006 he became an Associate Professor. In 2007 Nikolai I. Moshkin received his Doctoral degree in Engineering from Siberian Institute of Mechanization and Electrification, Novosibirsk.

In 2009 Nikolai I. Moshkin was promoted to the position of Professor at the Automobiles Department in East Siberian State Technological University.

Since 2002 Nikolai I. Moshkin has been a member of the Dissertation Council 212.039.06 operating in East Siberian University of Technology and Management.

Since 2010 to 2014 he was the First Deputy Minister for Education and Science in the Republic of Buryatia and the Chairman of Committee for Science and Professional Education, coordinating and monitoring the activities of educational and research institutions in the Republic.

Nikolai I. Moshkin is a member of the Republic’s Presidential Science and Innovation Council, Vice-Chairman of The Russian Foundation for Basic Research Regional Expert Council, member of Interregional Association “Siberian Accord” Committee for Science, member of Buryat Research Center Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

In 2013 he received the academic status of Professor at the Automobiles Department in East Siberian University of Technology and Management. Dr. Moshkin supervised the dissertations of six Candidates of Science.

Nikolai I. Moshkin is married and has 2 children.

Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Aleksandr N. Makarov, Ph.D. in Physical Mathematics, Associate Professor. Phone: 8-(3012)-297-150, e-mail:


Vice-Rector for Research

Vyacheslav V. Khakhinov, Doctor of chemical sciences, Associate Professor. Phone: 8-(3012)-297-146, e-mail:

Vice-Rector for Economics and Development

Elena N. Vanchikova, Doctor of Economics, Professor. Phone: 8-(3012)-297-145, e-mail:

Vice-Rector for Facilities Management

Danzan D. Namnanov, Ph. D. in History. Phone: 8-(3012)-21-25-00, e-mail:


Vice-Rector for Continuing Education

Oleg D. Bazarov, Ph. D. in History

Academic Council Secretary

Tatiana V. Palikova, Doctor in History, Associate Professor. Phone: 8-914-633-92-77