A foreign student from Venezuela at the Medical Institute of BSU


On April 9, 2022, a foreign student from Venezuela Alonso Manzano completed his acquaintance with theoretical and practical training at the clinical base in polyclinic therapy at the Medical Institute of BSU. The 37-year-old doctor, who received a basic medical education at his homeland university, and even worked as an adviser in the Venezuelan Ministry of Health, showed an interest in sports medicine and decided to undergo advanced training in this area in clinical residency at the Medical Institute of BSU.

Alonso was trained in the cycle of polyclinic therapy for 2 weeks. He participated in solving clinical problems, directly mastered medical functions at therapeutic appointments in the city polyclinic, made a self-report at the practical lesson.

The lecturer Grigorieva Elena Vladimirovna, PhD, Associate Professor noted a sufficient level of basic knowledge and satisfactory assimilation of the current material, despite his language barrier.

Medical Institute of BSU

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