Baikal Winter School of the Russian Language at BSU

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On January 28-29, Buryat State University held the Baikal Winter School of the Russian Language in the village of Goryachinsk. The school was attended by our foreign students from Venezuela, Panama, China, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan.

The new studentshave long wanted to see Baikal - a miracle of nature. Winter Baikal impressed them with its unique beauty and majesty. Some of them have never seen so much snow and drifts, and they made a lot of photographsof snow-covered trees.

The program was intense, there were linguistic and cultural lessons, an excursion, a wall newspaper competition, outdoor games, and morning dance exercises. The students broaden their knowledge about Russia and the Russian culture. They made snowmen with pleasure and participated in outdoor Russian games in the open air. It was the Russian language that united everyone. All the students received prizes and gifts.

Inspired by the success of the Russian Language Winter School on Lake Baikal, BSU will definitely carry on this tradition.

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