Foreign students of BSU visited the Old Believers


On March 25, 2021, foreign students of BSU, accompanied by their teachers, visited the village Tarbagatai.

Traditionally, extracurricular work with foreign students involves various excursions, theater trips, etc. However, due to the epidemic situation over the past year our guests were forced to get acquainted with the multifaceted culture of Buryatia without leaving their classrooms. And finally the long-awaited trip to the Old Believers was realized. Even the cool weather could not spoil positiveness, joy and enthusiastic curiosity of the excursion.

The students visited the Old Believers’ Museum, asked many questions and received interesting answers. They had traditional Old Believers’ food for lunch, took part in an old ritual with pleasure and arranged a real photo session in the town of Omulevaya.

The foreign students were very excited with the trip and thanked the organizers for the opportunity to visit that place.