Foreign students of Banzarov Buryat State University took part in the Moscow traditional online friendship festival "The Song Helps Us Build and Live"


Foreign students of the Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communications - Delgersaykhan Oyungerel and Ham Sunnyon - for the first time took part in the traditional online friendship festival "The Song Helps Us Build and Live", organized by Moscow State University. It was the 10th online friendship festival for international students this year. Participation preparation in the festival was supervised by G.V. Ulazaeva, head of the RFL department.

Each of the participating universities had to independently organize a performance competition, select the winners and send video of their performances to the organizing committee of the online festival. The final stage took place on January 19 (online). There were represented 42 countries and 37 universities at the festival. 126 participants demonstrated their sincere love for the Russian language and Russian culture. They sang Russian songs with great pleasure.

Our students took part in the following nominations: "The Song of Love" (Ham Sunnyon) and "Songs from Russian Movies" (Delgersaykhan Oyungerel).

The organizers expressed gratitude to all students and teachers for their active participation and noted that this festival is growing and expanding every year.