The Second Russian-German Scientific and Educational Virtual Exhibition


On November 11, 2020, the Second Russian-German scientific and educational virtual exhibition was held, where Russian and German universities, scientific institutions and scientific foundations presented their programs and opportunities for international cooperation online.

The exhibition was organized within the 2018-2020 Russian-German Year of Scientific and Educational Partnerships, held under the patronage of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia and the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany.

The International Relations Department of Banzarov Buryat State University and the Department of German and French languages ​​took an active part in the exhibition, having presented German-language educational programs and international projects of the university to German partners – the German House of Science and Innovation, the Helmholtz Association, as well as German foundations, associations and universities (Universities of the Ruhr region, Universities of North-Rhine-Westphalia, Free University Berlin, etc.).

As a result of the negotiations, the potential partner universities were outlined. Cooperation with them will be continued in the near future.