Banzarov Buryat State University in the international universities ranking ARES 2020


According to the world universities assessment ARES, Banzarov Buryat State University was rated in the nomination of high activity indicators with the index BB+.

ARES differs from other international rankings in its objectivity. It uses modern information technologies, which allows to collect and process a large amount of data in an automatic mode every year. Besides, ARES issues a questionnaire annually, so its database is updated and improved every year.

The main criteria for ARES are the quality of education and strategies to improve it. The main responsibility of a university is to provide an excellent education. Of the 100% of the rating scale, ARES gives 35% to the education assessment (this includes the use of new technologies in education, monitoring the quality of education, teachers training, creating innovative infrastructures, etc.), and only 20% to research. 15% goes to international activities, 15% goes to communication with employers and 15% to the university regional significance. This approach allows humanitarian universities, along with technical ones, to take a worthy place in the ranking.

Buryat State University Buryat State University ranks 140th in the ARES ranking.