Foreign students of the Institute of philology, foreign languages and mass communications got acquainted with the Buryat traditions


Within the Buryat holiday “White month” foreign students of the Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communications visited few interesting events: 1) On February 19 – the Yokhor master-class, organized by the City Library named after I. Kalashnikov. The organizers told about the Buryat traditions, the Sagaalgan holiday, and taught the foreign students to dance the Yokhor. Our students received a huge boost of energy and vivid impressions; 2) On February 27 – the master-class of making buuzy at the restaurant “Chingiskhan”. In an informal and friendly atmosphere the students were able to get more familiar with the traditions of celebrating the White month, learned what traditional dishes are cooked for this holiday, learned to cook one of the main Buryat dishes – buuzy. In the end of this holiday event everyone was awarded a participant’s diploma.