Busan University has visited BSU


From 16 to 19 December BSU hosted Busan ​​University representatives (the Republic of Korea) – the Head of the International Department, the Director of the Korean Language and Culture Center, prof. Han Gang-Woo and the International Department specialist John Yrang. According to the cooperation agreement signed in 2010, the parties can exchange students annually. Besides, Busan University is the founder of the King Sejong Institute at BSU.

The cultural program was organised by the Korean language teachers of the Oriental Institute. The Korean guests visited the Ethnographic Museum, the Buryat History Museum and the Odigitrievsky Cathedral.

At the official meeting the representatives of both universities, including the Director of the Oriental Institute D.I. Buraev, the Head of the International Department E.M. Kaurova and a Senior Lecturer D.S. Tsydenova discussed the creation and implementation of online educational programs – double diploma programs. Besides, at the meeting with the Director of the King Sejong Institute I.G. Aktamov the future prospects of the institute were discussed.