A visit of Soongsil University delegation (South Korea) to BSU


From 26 to 29 September a delegation of Soongsil University in South Korea made an official visit to Buryat State University. Professor Park, Dean of the College of Law at Soongsil University, and Ms Baasanjav, Professor of the International Law Department, visited Buryatia for the first time.

The meeting of the delegation with the BSU administration and the Law Faculty resulted in the bilateral cooperation agreement, which lays provisions for future internships and practical trainings for BSU students, and for their participation in a promising annual international competition in International Law.

Thus, learning Korean is becoming a motivational platform for further education and self-development. An important issue on the meeting's agenda was the opportunities for master and postgraduate courses for the students of the two universities, and the possibility of obtaining academic degrees at the partner-university. In this regard, the parties are planning to conclude a tripartite agreement with the Ikh Zasag International University (Mongolia).

The members of the delegation expressed their gratitude for the effective interaction of the parties, warm welcome, and the cultural and leisure program arranged for them.