Institute of Oriental Studies

The Institute of Oriental Studies was founded on the basis of Oriental Studies Faculty and the Institute of Buryat Studies by the order issued by The Buryat State University Rector on October 1, 2013.

The Institute offers the following academic programs: “Oriental and African Studies”, “Regional Studies”, “Foreign Regional Studies”, “Philology”, "Tourism" giving the opportunity for the students to study both full-time and part-time.

Chinese, Mongolian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish, Tibetan, English, Buryat, Evenk, Old Mongolian languages are studied in The Institute.

The students of the Institute take part in international and national contests in Chinese, Mongolian, Korean, Turkish, and Japanese languages. A wide range of research is carried out within the Institute: students participate in conferences, seminars, and conduct joint research with professors and students of other universities.

Our Institute is involved in the sporting life of the university, meaning both students and teachers. We are proud of our results at the University Games in track and field, chess, basketball, ski races, volleyball, and mini-football.

The Institute of Oriental Studies organizes annual ‘language weeks’ and ‘discussion summer camps’ where native speakers - students and professors - from different countries are invited. Such events create the atmosphere of informal communication with foreign students and prominent professors, to share their experiences, to motivate research and to inspire studying other cultures.

Taking into consideration the rich Oriental Studies potential of Buryatia, the Institute has targeted its academic programs towards its integration with the Institute of Buddhist and Tibetan Studies, Russian Academy of Science.

The Institute of Oriental Studies gives the students a thorough training of various languages and deep knowledge of history, philosophy, culture and economics, which helps our alumni to be successful in different spheres such as science, education and business.

Our alumni include scientists, interpreters, teachers and professors, customs officers, border service officers, workers of joint companies. They are employed within both government and commercial institutions.


Department of Tourism and Service

Department of Buryat Language and Teaching Methodology

Department of Buryat and Evenk Philology

Department of Far Eastern Countries Philology

Department of Central Asia Philology

Department of Asia History and Regional Studies

Contacts: office 8126 (1st floor), 4 Ranzhurova str., Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia, 670000