BSU Students and Postgraduates - Winners in the 2019-2020 Republican Scholarships Competition


The Republic of Buryatia's Commission on republican scholarships for university and research institute postgraduate fellows, and technical school, college and university students, chaired by the RB Minister of Education and Science B. B. Zhalsanov, approved the following scholarship quotas for students and postgraduate fellows:

5 - East Siberian State University of Technologies and Management, 4 - Buryat State Agricultural Academy, 2 - East Siberian Institute of Culture, 3 - Buryat Scientific Center of the SB RAS, and 13 - Dorji Banzarov Buryat State University.

The ceremony of awarding the republican scholarship winners was held on October 18. The following BSU representatives got their awards:

postgraduate fellows S. Dansarunova (Faculty of History, in Social Science), T. Markheyeva (Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communications, in Linguistics and Literature Studies), O. Sotnikova (Pedagogical Institute, in Education and Pedagogical Sciences);

graduate students D. Krasnekov (Faculty of Chemistry, in Chemistry), V. Frolov (Faculty of Social Work and Psychology, in Clinical Psychology), A. Klementyeva (Faculty of Law, in Law);

Specialist program student Zh. Zul'phibayeva (Medical Institute, in General Medicine);⠀

undergraduate students V. Badmaev (Faculty of History, in History), A. Bakanova (Pedagogical Institute, in Teacher Education), Yu. Dorzhonova (Faculty of Biology, Geography and Land Use, in Geography), A. Nikitina (Institute of Oriental Studies, in Oriental and African Studies), V. Imisyrova (Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communications, in Philology), S. Brykova (Institute of Economics and Management, in State and Municipal Management).

The BSU Rector's Office and Dean's Offices of faculties and institutes heartily congratulate the winners of republican scholarships!