The week of Chinese language for students of Chinese as a second eastern language and students of non-linguistic faculties


The Eastern Institute with the support of the Confucius Institute of the Buryat State University from 27 to 31 March held the Chinese Language Week for the students which are learning Chinese as the second eastern language and the students of BSU non-linguistic faculties.

The week opened with a film screening of a Chinese film. On Tuesday, there was a master classes of Chinese culture, organized by teachers of the BSU Confucius Institue. On Wednesday and Thursday there was an Olympiads on the Chinese language: the students of the beginning level demonstrated their knowledge and skills in the field of Chinese phonetics; Students of the middle level competed in knowledge hieroglyphics and demonstrated their skills of reading and speaking; Students at the advanced level presented their knowledge of Chinese culture in Chinese language.

The Week ended with a closing ceremony: a concert consisting of two branches and a solemn ceremony of awarding winners and prize-winners of the Olympiads. During the first section of the concert, the students of the Eastern Institute and the Faculty of Law presented competitive creative numbers.

Students and trainees from BSU from China were comperes on the second part of the concert: Ji Do, Zhao Junxiang, Gao Xue, Wang Jiashan, who presented a various of presentations - from reciting poems and singing to reading tongue twisters and playing the flute.

The concert ended with a solemn ceremony.