International students participation in the action "Tram of poetry".


On the March 21, as part of World Poetry Day, Kalashnikova city library together with the Municipal Unitary Enterprise "Management of a tram" has carried out the annual action "Tram of poetry".

In the year of sister cities, poetry in different languages ​​from students of the Buryat State University was heard. They read the best poems of the great poets of China, Korea and Mongolia on themes of love and the motherland. Traditionally, famous poets of the city and novice writers performed.

The students received unforgettable impressions, joined the world poetry, met the poets of our city. Gao Xue and Ji Do are exchange students from Heilongjiang University (China). Buveibat Anuzhin is a 2nd year student at the Institute of Economics and Management of the BSU (Mongolia). Pak Soa and Kang Sunra are exchange students from Busan University of Foreign Languages ​​(Republic of Korea).

The International Relations Department thanks the students for their interest and participation in this event.