Open House day was held in Buryat State University


On the March 24 in Buryat State University was an open day for a high school students and college graduates.

This year our university was visited by more than 400 guests, the geography of the participants is quite extensive: from Tunkinsky district of Buryatia to Chita.
There was an interactive platforms of all institutes and faculties of our university for the guests in the foyer of the main building assembly hall. The demonstration of 3D printers and other Physics Faculty equipment, chemical experiments of the Chemistry Faculty, helmet, chain mail, shield and saber of the Mongolian warrior of the 13th century, military artifacts prepared by Historical Faculty caused a great children and their parents interest. Faculty of biology and geography placed their site directly under the open sky. Biologists organized the fly of a quadrocopter for surveying the terrain, and deployed a field kitchen. Here applicants could win by the results at the small quiz sertificate for a lesson with a teacher of Faculty of biology and geography. The schoolchildren did not want to leave the site, where the presentation of the student scientific society was held. Teachers and students of each faculty showed master classes and told the schoolchildren the most interesting thing that their faculties can give to students about studies, scientific and social projects.

BSU sent a Thanking letters to the partner schools, letters of thanks to the parents of the best students of BSU, and awarded a winners of the "Baikal Perspective" Olympiad in the assembly hall. The guests were greeted and congratulated by Vice-Rector for Additional Education Oleg D. Bazarov, Vice-Rector for Social Policy and Social Work Andrey V. Kozulin.
Where you can work after graduating from the faculty, in which countries there are internships, about postponement from the army, admission to the correspondence department - all the guests could ask the guests directly from the deans and directors of faculties and institutes at a mini-press conference. Creative perfomance of the students did not let everybody get bored to give a real charge of cheerfulness and inspiration to the audience.
After that the meeting continued in the foyer. Here an impressive number of spectators gathered at the "Nitrogen Show", at which Student Scientific Society students showed us fascinatingly and told about the properties of nitrogen.
Open Day finished by the lottery. And for the entrants of the Medical Institute, a reception to the Medical Institute building was organized.

BSU thanks the sponsor of the event - the publishing house Informpolis.