Quest game for the Philology and Mass Communications Institute foreign students.


On March 11, students of the Philology and Mass Communications Institute of Buryat State University organized a game quest for students from China.

The students from partner-universoties: Heilongjiang university and Changchun Polytechnic University faced a difficult task.

First they watched the film in Russian and then they had to go through the route (2, 3, 8 buildings of BSU and square opposite Main Post Office) and solve various tasks that check the understanding of the film's content, knowledge of the Russian language, the ability to think logically and correctly, build oral and written speech. After passing the following stage, the team received a fragment of the map indicating the location of the treasure. Collecting all the map, foreigners received an answer to the question, where the treasure is hidden. For the successful passing the game, the participants needed not only to get acquainted with the content of the film (in order to better understand it, the guys had to review the film for a several times!), but also to go as quickly as possible from one stage to another.

This quest participation not only contributes to a better mastery of the Russian language, but also to a better understanding of Russian culture, as well as to the establishment of friendly relations between Chinese and Russian students.

The winners of the game are the students of Heilongjiang University Ji Do and Gao Xue! Congratulations!