BSU Veterans Choir Concert


BSU Veterans Choir Concert, a solemn and a moving event, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory and the 10th choir’s anniversary took place in BSU assembly hall.

Svetlana V. Evdokimova made a keynote statement:

- Dear friends, colleagues, guests and students! Today, we celebrate the 10th BSU Veterans Choir’s anniversary! Stepan V. Kalmykov launched an initiative to create the veterans choir. Since then we live with song! We invite everyone to join our team! We need you!

Performance group showed a special program dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory: war years, patriotic Russian and Buryat songs.

After the concert veterans allowed everyone to come up with congratulations.

Rector Nikolai I. Moshkin delivered his speech:

- Good evening, dear veterans, dear friends! First of all, I would like to extend appreciation to you! Thank you, dear veterans, for this warm recital! Today we heard not only music and words, not only the voices of our veterans, but also their hearts! You gave us good feelings and memories, set mood of the upcoming Victory Day! It is especially important that you make us think over once again what’s happening in the world, as some politicians are trying to rewrite the results of the Second World War, today's events in Ukraine. And you, wise and strong-willed people who are always trying to help us and give the warmth of their hearts! 10 years ago Stepan Kalmykov showed great initiative to create veterans choir. Rector's Office would be happy to support you! I believe veteran’s choir must act and show us all the strength and wisdom that has been accumulated in the BSU!