Faculty of Physical Training, Sport and Tourism climbed Munku-Sardyk in honour of 55th anniversary


From March 31 to April 4, 2015 a delegation of the Faculty of Physical Training, Sport and Tourism climbed Munku-Sardyk mountain from Mongolian side, Khankh areas, within the VII Open tourist festival "The whole world for you", dedicated to the 55th anniversary of the Faculty of Physical Training, Sports and Tourism of Buryat State University.

Teachers and students of the faculty took part in the ascent. Before crossing the border delegates traditionally visited place of worship Tunkinskaya Valley "Tamhi Baryaasha" (literally means "an offering of tobacco") to pray for good luck in the journey and become stronger spiritually.

After that they came to the village Khankh, which is located on the shores of Lake Khovsgol. The group was warmly greeted by the tourist centre owner Dagbit Dorj. The next day they prepared for the climb, checking inventory, packing dry rations. They were instructed by the Mongolian border guards and rescuers of Buryat Republican Search and Rescue Service. Delegates visited the sacred place Thirteen Oboo - an ancient sanctuary, abode of the host spirits, made worship to get their protection.

On the day of the ascent the weather was perfect, nearly windless. Fresh deep snow made it difficult to move. Despite all the difficulties, the event participants enjoyed not only physical activity, but also aesthetic pleasure.