Open House in Buryat State University

Close to 400 school leavers from all the Republic of Buryatia visited us during Open House on March 27, 2015.

For the first time event was held in new building of Buryat State University. Open House consisted of two parts: grand opening and open houses on faculties and institutes. Our guests spent the day touring the campus, listening to presentations and speaking with faculty, staff, and student representatives (Student Arts Lab of Journalism and Advertising Department, Student trade union organization, Guidance for Prospective Students Group) as they learned about Buryat State University Study programs. Members of Student Government arranged a quiz, games and training for pupils. The highlight of the program was organizing various events in the University. Scientific Library review was arranged as well.

Grand opening also included Awarding for:

1) Contest “Baikal Prospect”: 24 prospective students were awarded with diplomas and prizes;

2) students’ parents for achievements in academic, research, art and sport activities;

3) schools collaborating with University;

4) teachers of Ulan-Ude city who trained the best school leavers.

Dance ensemble “Baikal Waves” closed Grand Opening.