BSU’s Institute of Confucian Studies Hosts Chinese Calligraphy Competition

From the 1st to the 30th of November, the Institute of Confucian Studies, BSU, held a competition of Chinese calligraphy. The competition included over 120 works by over 100 participants, all of whom were divided into three groups: schoolchildren, students, and adults. The works represented a wide array of methods and genres, from whole creations in the style of classical Chinese paintings, to small scrolls bearing famous quotes from Chinese thinkers, to fans with various inscriptions and hieroglyphs of myriad forms. The judges had to assess the works long and meticulously, choosing works for their exemplary calligraphic quality rather than for their artistic flourishes. To that end an impartial jury was chosen: two Chinese professors from the Confucian Studies Institute, Chunyue Wang and Guan Yanqing.