Medical Institute

The Medical Institute was founded on the basis of the Medical Faculty by the order issued by the Buryat State University Rector on March 7, 2006.

Our mission is to provide high-quality training for medical and pharmaceutical specialists; personnel re-training and continuing education for medical staff; to bring in the new educational paradigm by combination of new technologies in medical science and use of Oriental medicine; to develop new preventive methods and treatments of common diseases; boost international cooperation oriented toward culture, philosophy, medicine and other fields.

The Institute offers the following academic programs: “Medical Business” (full-time education), “Pharmacy”; 19 clinical internship programs; 6 programs of clinical residency; post-graduate programs according to the Ministry of Health, Republic of Buryatia.

12 departments of the Institute are housed in building 6 (ul. Oktyabrskaya 36a, Ulan-Ude) and in other medical institution of the city.

Training is provided by well-qualified teaching staff. There are 55 professors and 79 associate professors and teachers with Candidate’s degree, lectures are delivered and tutorials are taught by prominent scientists and doctors.

There are about one thousand students at the Institute this year who are going to work as doctors and pharmacists: 594 students who study medicine full-time as their major, 77 students study pharmacy full-time, 286 - part-time. In 2004 there were 100 “budget places” (in this case a student gets the tuition waiver for the whole period of education) at the Medical Department and 15 “budget places” in Pharmacy program. Since 1999, 754 students received their physicians’ qualifications. In 2013, the first 7 alumni graduated from Pharmacy Department.

Medical institutions of the Republic of Buryatia hire new staff and inform people about health care working conditions and job duties at a medical job fair, which is held by the Ministry of Health and the Medical Institute every year. Alumni of the Institute can sign job contracts there.

Medical internships are organized according to the University rules and regulations and aimed at continuous improvement of students’ professional skills in compliance with the State Educational Standard. Internships are taken on the condition of the agreement between Buryat State University and a medical institution.

Medical Institute maintains various facilities for all kinds of disciplinary and interdisciplinary studies: laboratories, study rooms, reading halls, polyclinics.

Research areas:

  1. medical preventive technologies development based on the integration of traditional medicine and public health care;
  2. development of innovative methods in treating and preventing region-specific and socially-conditioned related diseases;
  3. improvement of diagnosis methods and treatment with the help of new biomedical technologies.

To realize the concept of university and academic science integration, the agreement was signed between Buryat State University and the Institute of General and Experimental Biology, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science. As a result, some departments were chosen to conduct joint research and to cooperate in educational development.

“Traditional Medical Systems” is a registered scientific school supervised by Prof. S.M. Nikolaev.

As a result of joint research, more than 30 medications were introduced, elaborate medical technologies for preventing and treating common diseases were offered. The results of the most significant research are registered and patented.

The students of the Institute take part in students’ conferences, contests of republican, regional, all-Russian and international level. Some students were awarded with the President of Russia and Government scholarships.