Law Faculty


Law Faculty was established in 1997 by the initiative of the BSU Rector Stepan V. Kalmykov and a group of law scientists and practicing lawyers. State accreditation certificate № 0525 was received in 2002.


  • Theory and History of Law and State
  • Constitutional, Administrative and Municipal Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminology
  • Criminal Proceedings
  • Civil Law and Proceedings
  • International Law and International Relations

Dean: Vladimir M.Melnikov

Study Types: full-time and part-time

Academic Programs:

Bachelor’s Degree:

030500.62 Major: Law. Training within the chosen major begins in the 3rd year.

Master’s Degree:

030500.68. Major: Law

Post-Graduate Study (for Candidate Degree):

  • 12.00.01 Theory and History of Law and State, History of Law and State Doctrines;
  • 12.00.02 Constitutional Law; Municipal Law;
  • 12.00.03 Civil Law, Business Law, Family Law, International Private Law;
  • 12.00.09 Criminal Proceedings, Forensic Science and Police Work.

Teaching Staff of the Faculty includes experienced lawyers, teachers of Law and Law scientists who work inthe judiciary, prosecution, advocacy and investigation bodies, 8 Doctors and 25 Candidates are among them.