Faculty of Physical Training, Sport and Tourism

Address: Ulan-Ude, ul. Smolina 24 A.

Phone: +7(3012) 216989

E-mail: univer@bsu.ru

Dean: Bator V. Dagbayev

The Faculty of Physical Training was founded in 1960 at the Buryat State Pedagogical Institute, which later became Buryat State University. The alumni of the Faculty participated inregional and Russian sports competitions, World Cup championships, and the Olympic Games in wrestling, archery, arm wrestling and boxing. The Faculty has many sports facilities: a fitness gym, 2 gyms for playing basketball and volleyball, 2 wrestling courts, a boxing gym, a stadium with a soccer field, archery grounds, and the recreational sports camp “Olimp” not far from Ulan-Ude, near Shchuchye Lake. Our students are involved with different sports activities.


  • Physical Education Theory
  • Sports
  • Sports Management and Tourism

Specialist’s and Bachelor’s Degree Programs:

  • 034300. 62 (032100. 62) Physical Culture and Sport
  • 032101. 65 Physical Culture and Sport
  • 032100. 62 Recreational and Sports Tourism
  • 032103. 65 Recreational and Sports Tourism
  • 080507. 65 Management ofSporting Events