Pedagogical Institute


Faculty of Primary Education in Buryat State Pedagogical Institute was founded on the basis of Primary Education School opened in 1976 at History and Philology Faculty.

About Us

The Pedagogical Institute of BSU acquired positive experience of teaching students, based on the solution of professional problems. Since 2007, this problem has been solved in a multi-level system of training Bachelors and Masters. It represents new conceptual model of training specialists in higher education. The distinctive features of training Bachelors and Masters are fundamental theoretical training, knowledge of modern methods of collecting, processing and presentation of scientific information, readiness to continue training at the next educational level (Master's or Postgraduate).

Since 2011, the Institute has been preparing Bachelors and Masters according to Federal State Educational Standards.

The Bachelor degree is granted to students completed training in Bachelor qualification.

Scheduled time for mastering the program (for full-time education) - 4 years.

Labor intensity (in credits) – 240 (one credit conforms to 36 academic hours).

Area of professional activity of Bachelors: education, social sphere, culture.

The objects of professional activity of Bachelors are: education, training, development; educational systems.

Students of the enlarged group "Education and pedagogical Sciences" are trained for professional purposes according to the specialization of undergraduate (bachelor) educational program and professional activities in different areas:

  • pedagogy;
  • cultural and educational activities.

Undergraduate academic programs of Pedagogical Institute:

There are 5 undergraduate academic programs in the Pedagogical Institute:

44.03.01 Pedagogical Education (Elementary Education, Music Education)

44.03.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education (specialization: Psychology of Education)

44.03.03 Special (Speech Pathology) Education (specialization: Speech Therapy)

44.03.04 Professional Training (in different areas) (specialization: Decorative and Applied Art and Design)

44.03.05 Pedagogical Education With Two Specializations (specialization: Preschool Education and Foreign Language, Technology and Informatics).


Qualification (degree) - Master.

Scheduled time for mastering the program (for full-time education, including post-graduate leave) - 2 years.

Labor intensity (in credits) - 120.

Area of professional activity of Masters: education, social sphere, culture.

Education, training, development and educational systems are the main professional objects of Masters after mastering the graduate educational program.

Masters of the enlarged group "Education and pedagogical Sciences" are trained for professional purposes according to the specialization of graduate (Master) educational program and professional activities of Master in different areas:

  • pedagogical;
  • scientific researches;
  • management;
  • design;
  • methodological;
  • cultural and educational.

44.04.01 Pedagogical Education.

  • Teaching in Higher and specialized Schools;
  • Management in education;
  • Modern technologies in philological education
  • Teaching history and social studies in humanitarian education strategy context

44.04.02 Psychological and Pedagogical Education.

  • School psychology.


  • Department of General Pedagogy
  • Department of Pedagogy of Primary and Preschool Education
  • Department of Technological Education and Professional Training
  • Department of Childhood Psychology
  • Department of Philological, Artistic and Aesthetic Education


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