Institute of Philology, Foreign Languages and Mass Communication

About Us

Our staff is a passionate group of people who are enthusiastic about teaching and inspiring students toward high achievements, so that they may aspire to the highest ideals and realize their maximum potential.

Our mission is to inculcate the love of the word in students, as this is the meaning of the Greek philologia. Since learning another language is a key to cognition, those who can master another language gain true freedom. Thus, our daily task consists in reminding our students that learning another language is like building an imaginary city, and each person brings their own bricks and stones with them.

Dear students – future philologists, interpreters, applied linguists, advertising experts, and journalists! May you build a beautiful, stylish, and spacious city of dreams so that guests, upon leaving, may say: “What a place!”

There are 5 academic programs in the Institute: Philology, Linguistics, Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, Pedagogical Education.


  • Department of Russian Language and General Linguistics
  • Department of Russian and Foreign Literature
  • Department of English Philology
  • Department of English Language and Linguodidactics
  • Department of German and French Languages
  • Department of Translation and Intercultural Communication
  • Department of Journalism and Advertising
  • Department of Russian as a Foreign Language
  • Department of Foreign Languages

Contacts: tel. 297-160, extension 612

Office 2108 (1), 6 Ranjurova str., University building № 2