BSU held a talent contest Fresher Cup-2019


October 23 - 25 BSU hosted a magnificent Fresher Cup talent contest, which began with the Visiting Card stage. First-year students showed their creative performances, the best of which were selected for the Gala concert. Each Faculty and Institute staged a concert that is sure to be unforgettable for both the performers and the audiences.

October 25 saw the long-awaited Gala concert of the Freshers' Cup, where BSU's Faculties and Institutes managed to show their teamwork power, and where new BSU stars lit up.

The cherished Fresher Cup was won by students of the Medical Institute!

Best Fans title was awarded to students of the Institute of Oriental Studies.

Best Organizing Team title was awarded to students of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics.

The participants were also awarded in the following nominations: pop vocal (solo), pop vocal (duet), vocal-instrumental ensemble, instrumental performance (solo), folk dance, pop dance, ballroom dance, contemporary dance (duet), beat-box, impersonation, illusion show, fashion theater, art of declamation, sketch, variety show, recitation.