The Institute of Philology and Mass Communication Foreign students visited the exhibition "Echo of War"

On April 07, 2017, Department of the Russian as a Foreign Language foreign students and teachers of the The Institute of Philology and Mass Communication of the Buryat State University visited the mobile exhibition "Echo of War" as a part of the events dedicated to the Victory Day.

The students received a unique opportunity to see rare exhibits from the times of the Great Patriotic War provided by the Russian military-patriotic society.
The exhibition featured a collection of weapons, a military uniform of the Great Patriotic War, personal items and photographs of combatants etc.

Foreigners listened to a story about the history of artifacts, the course of battles, about Russian and German weapon models of the 30-40 years of the 20th century with interest. The format of the exhibition was free communication with organizers - members of the Russian military-patriotic society and allowed foreign students to try on the image of a Soviet warrior-participant of the Great Patriotic War.