The Center for Youth Innovation Creativity "Insight" was opened at Buryat State University


On March 9, at Buryat State University was opened the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity "Insight" (located on 5th floor of building #8).

The welcoming speech was made by Rector Nikolay Moshkin, first of all he thanked the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Buryatia: "Our center is one of the first same centers in the Republic, which opens with the full support of the Ministry. It is a great event for our university and students, significant for the development of the university".

The Minister of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Buryatia Aleksey Mishenin congratulates with the opening of the Center for Youth Innovation Creativity "Insight". The President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Buryatia Igor Zuraev also congratulates everybody. First of all, he appealed to the youth and students: "Such centers create a breeding ground for the future innovators and scientists. And implemented projects in our Republic indicates, that we have serious "innovative genes" in Buryatia ".

Then the Director of the Center, Lyudmila Sandakova make a short excursion around the Center. She said that priority directions of Center are: the Robotics based on LEGO (for pupils of grades 5-8); 3D modeling, programming and prototyping; Electronics, automation, intellectual robotics; Transfer of innovative developments of Center to industrial production.

The presentation was attended by students. For example, the student of Physical and Technical faculty Dorji Tsirenzhapov told about social project about animation studio, which goal is to preserve and develop the Buryat language. The guys plan to create animated series and cartoons in the Buryat language for different age groups, show them on the YouTube channel and on TV.