History Faculty

Address: Ulan-Ude, ul. Smolina 24 A.

Phone: +7(3012)21-64-47

Fax: +7(3012) 21-05-88

E-mail: univer@bsu.ru,

Web site: www:http://www.bsu.ru


Dean: Viktoria V. Nomogoeva, Candidate Degree in History, Associate Professor.

Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and Part-Time Education: Olga A.Ubeeva, Candidate Degree in History.

Deputy Dean for Student Affairs: Erzhena V. Bimbaeva, Candidate Degree in Sociology.

Deputy Dean for Sports Activities: Radzhana V.Dorzhieva

Secretary: Elena A.Irdyneeva

Buryat Mongolian Pedagogical Institute opened four schools - Physics and Mathematics, Natural Science, Literature and Linguistics, History and Economics -   on February 10, 1932. Professor N. N. Kozmin became the Chair of the History Department. The first 25 students enrolled at theHistory and Economics School in 1933. However, the School was transferred to Irkutsk University in 1934. In 1937, the School opened again and it graduated its first class of 10 in 1940-41. In 1955, separate bodies of History and Philology Faculties merged into the Faculty of History and Philology, but in 1987 it was again divided into the Faculty of History and the Faculty of Philology. The first Dean of the Faculty was Nikifor P. Egunov, Candidate Degree in History.