Faculty of Social Work and Psychology


The Faculty of Social Work and Psychology was founded on the basis of two schools   - the school of Social work (from 1995) and the school of Psychology (from 1999) by order №59 issued by the Buryat State University Rector on June 9, 2000.

About Us

Presently, there are 500 students at the Faculty who study full-time and part-time.

The Faculty has 50 teachers, including 4 teachers holding Doctors’ Degree, and 25 teachers holding Candidate’s Degree. The Faculty trains students to be experts in the fields of Psychology and Social Work and is developing as the prestigious educational regional research and counseling center. Therefore, at present the teaching staff and the students of the Faculty work on:

  • building students’ professional, special, social and personal competencies that will be necessary for them in their future profession;
  • taking individual approach when working with students in order to satisfy their professional, social and personal aspirations;
  • expanding the range of academic programs, developing continuing education and distance learning study types;
  • boosting research.

The Deans of the Faculty of Social Work and Psychology in BSU:

2000-2005: Andrey Y. Matskevich, a Candidate Degree in Social Science.

2005-2012: Tatiana S. Bazarova, Doctor of Pedagogy, Associate Professor.

2012 – present: OlgaKotomanova, Candidate Degree in Philosophy, Associate Professor.


  • Social Work Theory
  • General and Social Psychology
  • Developmental and Educational Psychology