Chemistry Faculty

Chemistry Faculty

Address: Ulan-Ude, ul. Smolina 24 A.

Tel: +7(3012) 21-15-80


Dean: Galina N. Batorova

The BSU Chemistry Faculty was founded in 1997.

Teaching Staff:

60 teachers, including 12 Doctors and 29 Candidates.

The Faculty was opened asthe Republic and its adjacent areas needed specialists who would possess knowledge of chemistry and be able to apply it in different areas of science, who, after training, would be able to work in research centers, industrial organizations, services and other institutions requiring specialists with chemistry majors.


- General and Inorganic Chemistry

- Inorganic and Organic Chemistry

- Geology

Study Types:

Full-time and part-time

Bachelor’s Degree Programs:



-Ecology andEnvironmental Management

Master’s Degree Programs:

-Ecology and Environmental Management