Department of Philosophy

The department was founded in 1932 and it comprises 11 Doctors who hold the title of Professor and 8 teachers with Candidate degrees. Research Areas:

  • Self-Organization of Social Systems (supervisor - Prof. D.Sh.Tsyrendorzhiyeva);
  • Social Structural Changes in the Making of the Region (supervisor - I.I.Osinsky);
  • Problems of the Russian “Intelligentsia” in Different Regions of Siberia (supervisor - I.I. Osinsky);
  • Management of Social Systems (supervisor - L.G. Sandakova);
  • Philosophy of Central and Eastern Asiacountries (supervisor - L.E. Agatov);
  • Buddhism and Civilization processes in Central and Eastern Asia (supervisor - S.Yu. Lepekhov).

Contact Information:

Postal address: 670000, Russia, Ulan-Ude, ul. Smolina 24a, of. 0123