Department of Oriental Languages

There are 9 teachers with the Candidate degree and 7 Teaching Assistants at the Department.


  • English as a Foreign Language;
  • English in Professional Communication;
  • Business English;
  • Chinese, Mongolian, Korean languages;
  • Translation in the Sphere of Professional Communication.

Research Areas:

  • Language Theory (supervisor - M.G. Ayusheeva, D.B. Tsybikova);
  • Teaching English in Non-Linguistic University (supervisor - E.M. Kaurova, O.A. Tchepak, A.N.Bazarova, N.V.Akhmedchina, T.V.Tontoeva);
  • Modern Linguistics and Literary Studies (supervisors - E.D.Stepanova, O.F.Zoltoeva, D.S. Tsyrenova).

Contact Information:

Postal address: Russia, Ulan-Ude, ul. Suhe-Batora 6, building №7, of. 7215