BSU Bohan Branch

Buryat State University Bohan Branchis located in the town of Bohan, Pre-Baikal area of eastern Siberia. It is a large educational, scientific, cultural and sports center in the Irkutsk region.


Acting Director – Olga S. Badminova, Candidate Degree in Sociology. Deputy Director for Student Affairs - Zhargalma Ts. Dondokova, Candidate Degree in Pedagogy, Senior Lecturer.

Head of Trade Union Committee - A.N. Mushkirova, Senior Lecturer.

Distanсе Learning methodologist - Tuyana A. Khantakova

Study programs:



Physical Training;



Pedagogical Education;

State and Municipal Management;

Land Management and Cadastre.

Contact Information:

Postal address: Russia, Irkutskaya oblast, Bohanskii raion, p. Bohan, ul. Banzarova 8, 669311

Tel/fax: 8 (395-38) 25-8-83